Marcella Diane Lee

F, #2753, b. 2 March 1947, d. 11 September 1985
ChartsBenjamin Crum Pedigree Chart
Benjamin Crum Descendant Indented Chart
FatherRaymond L. Lee
MotherEvelyn Carol Crum b. 24 Dec 1916, d. 13 Jul 1949
Birth*2 March 1947 Marcella Diane Lee was born on 2 March 1947 in Los Angeles, CAG.1 
Death*11 September 1985 She died on 11 September 1985 at Los Angeles, CAG, at age 38.2 
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Raymond L. Lee

M, #2657
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Benjamin Crum Descendant Indented Chart
Marriage* Raymond L. Lee married Evelyn Carol Crum, daughter of Richard Folke Crum and Mabel Turner.1 

Children of Raymond L. Lee and Evelyn Carol Crum

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Bertha Martenis

F, #2775, b. November 1875, d. 27 July 1876
ChartsBenjamin Crum Pedigree Chart
Benjamin Crum Descendant Indented Chart
FatherJacob C. Martenis b. 1855, d. 1936
MotherSarah Crum b. 1857, d. 1953
Birth*November 1875 Bertha Martenis was born in November 1875.1 
Death*27 July 1876 She died on 27 July 1876.1 
Burial* She was buried at Spruce Run Cemetery, Glen Gardner, Hunterdon, NJG.2 
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Jacob C. Martenis

M, #2774, b. 1855, d. 1936
ChartsBenjamin Crum Pedigree Chart
Benjamin Crum Descendant Indented Chart
Birth*1855 Jacob C. Martenis was born in 1855.1 
Marriage*4 April 1875 He married Sarah Crum, daughter of Leonard Crum and Christianna Honness, on 4 April 1875 at Glen Gardner M.E. Parsonage, Glen Gardner, Hunterdon, NJG.2 
Death*1936 He died in 1936.1 
Burial* He was buried at Spruce Run Cemetery, Glen Gardner, Hunterdon, NJG.1 

Child of Jacob C. Martenis and Sarah Crum

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Emily McGookin

F, #15, b. 13 September 1879, d. 24 September 1976
Emily McGookin (1879-1976)
daughter of Sarah Frazer and Jim McGookin
Birth*13 September 1879 Emily McGookin was born on 13 September 1879 in Belfast, Antrim, Northern IrelandG.1 
Baptism22 October 1879 She was baptized on 22 October 1879 at Christ Church, Belfast, N IrelandG
Compiler's Comment* Emily told her granddaughters that she travelled from Ireland to Canada to stay with relatives when there was an epidemic in Ireland. While in Canada she traveled to New Jersey to visit her boyfriend from Ireland, Jimmy Patrick. Jimmy was the son of an Irish minister of the Church of Ireland who had moved to New Jersey to tend to the many Irish ex-patriates. Jimmy's parents, however, rejected Emily. Jimmy still wanted to marry her, but Emily would not go where she was not wanted. There were probably many reasons they did not want their son to marry her, but I expect that the main reason was that Emily was born to an unmarried woman and Emily's stepfather was a laborer. Perhaps they expected a "better" marriage for their son. Apparently Jimmy became an alcoholic and died from a broken neck after a fall down the stairs while drunk. It was sad to see Emily still shed tears when she talked about Jimmy even though sixty or more years had passed. 
Travel*17 November 1897 Emily returned from her stay in Canada on 17 November 1897. She disembarked in Moville, Ireland, from the Dominion Line's Labrador after sailing from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.2 
Immigration*14 April 1910 Thirteen years after returning to Ireland from Canada, Emily McGookin arrived at New York, NYG, on 14 April 1910. She had sailed on the ship Caronia which departed from Liverpool, England. She was a domestic, in good health, 5"3" with blue eyes and fair skin. She paid her own passage and had $25. Her destination was her cousin, Mrs. Ross, Grace Terr, Harrison, NJ.3 
1910 Census*22 April 1910 Eight days after arriving in NY, Emily McGookin appeared on the 1910 Federal Census of 14 Grace Terrace, Harrison, Hudson, NJG, enumerated 22 April 1910. She was a boarder living in the home of James and Elizabeth Ross. Emily was an alien. The Ross family consisted of the father, mother and three children all born in Ireland. In addition to Emily, there were two other boarders also born in Ireland.4 
Research needed* Was Mrs. Ross Emily's cousin? That relationship was specified in Emily's immigration record but Emily never spoke to her grandchildren about a cousin in New Jersey. More research is needed to learn if there was a familial relationship between her landlady and Emily. 
Compiler's Comment Emily was working as a waitress at Bushkill Falls Hotel, PA when she met Harry Rorer. Harry was a printer at the same hotel. Apparently, Emily became pregnant at the resort. 
Marriage*1 March 1917 Three months prior to the birth of their son, Emily McGookin married Harry Closson Rorer on 1 March 1917 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PAG.5 
Naturalization* She automatically became a U.S. citizen upon marrying Harry who was born in the U.S. 
Compiler's Comment Emily had a difficult delivery in a Philadelphia hospital. The delivery was through the use of forceps. Emily had to stay and work in the hospital after the birth in order to pay off her hospital bill. Harry was in Doylestown. I have seen a photograph of a beautiful "German woman from NY" who had been Harry's girlfriend. The photograph had been torn in half, with Harry keeping the half with the woman. I don't know what happened to the half of the photo which showed Harry. Apparently, Harry had to break up with her to marry Emily. Perhaps the hope that Emily would miscarry led to the delay in the marriage ceremony. 
1920 Census*2 January 1920 She and Harry Closson Rorer appeared on the 1920 Federal Census of Doylestown Township, Bucks, PAG, enumerated 2 January 1920. Their son Laurence Frank was listed as living with them. Harry was a truck farmer working a rented farm.6 
1930 Census*10 April 1930 By 10 April 1930, Harry had given up farming and moved to 132 Heck Avenue, Neptune Township, Monmouth, NJG with his wife and son. Harry was working as a printer in a press office.7 
1940 census*16 April 1940 She and Harry appeared on the 1940 Federal Census of 111 Park Lane, Hamilton, Mercer, NJG, enumerated 16 April 1940. Their 22 year old son, Laurence Frank, was listed as living with them. Harry was working in a hotel as a printer.8 
Compiler's Comment The only real estate they owned was their home on Blue Ridge Road, Titusville, NJ. Harry preferred renting to owning; Emily preferred to own her home. I remember visiting them in their Blue Ridge home in the 1950's. There was a very large lot on which they planted strawberries, raspberries and other crops. In the late 1960's when they became unable to live on their own, they moved in to the bottom level of their son's split level home in Yardley, PA. 
Death*24 September 1976 She died on 24 September 1976 at Mercer Medical Center, Trenton, Mercer, NJG, at age 97.9 
Obituary*25 September 1976 Her death was was recorded in an Obituary on 25 September 1976 at the Trenton Evening Times, Trenton, NJG. "Mrs. Emily Rorer. Yardley - Mrs. Emily Rorer, 97, of 11 Richie Lane, died Friday in Mercer Medical Center. Born in Belfast, Ireland, Mrs. Rorer resided in Yardley for the past 10 years and previously made her home in Titusville and Trenton. Wife of the late Harry C. Rorer, she is survived by a son, L. Frank Rorer of Yardley; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Funeral services and burial will be private. Arrangements are under the direction of Reed and Steinbach, Doylestown."10 
Burial*28 September 1976 She was buried on 28 September 1976 at Doylestown Cemetery, Doylestown, Bucks, PennsylvaniaG, Section I2, Row 5. Cause of death: cardio- pulmonary arrest.11,12 
Compiler's Comment Emily's grandfather, John Fraser, was a mural painter. Emily seems to have inherited some of his artistic sensibility. She was an excellent knitter and won prizes at the New Jersey State Fair for her hand crafts. She had the ability to look at someone and determine which colors would be the most flattering. She bought furniture for her home on a lay away plan that would later become classics, such as the Morris chair. 

Child of Emily McGookin and Harry Closson Rorer

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